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We are Golden Elf Creative, a small and successful team of diverse and professional creatives, specialising in branding, photography, print and digital design. In business for over 10 years, we have worked with businesses of all sizes, including kitchen utensil companies, restaurants, fast food companies, accountants, packaging companies, textile factory and more, from all around the country. We have also worked with companies all over the world as a partner.

Here at Golden Elf Creative we love what we do and we do what we love and that means spending our days creating champion designs for all of our awesome customers. We live to create.

We are dedicated to finding a creative solution that makes a lasting impression, because we know that a well designed brand talks to consumers and increases effects. You are here, where the right place is, because you want to launch that who are already in business, continue to reach new heights of success.

Maybe your business needs to have a little magic touch, or which needs to have a very big alteration. Whatever you need, we are here. Take a look at our portfolio here and read more about our service offering here.

So, let’s do this! Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you with your design project.

About Designer

With ten years in the design industry, Selma AVCI OZTURK is among the most experienced graphic designers. Golden Elf Creative were established by Selma in 2013.

In high school she studied Graphic Design. She graduated from Marmara University as a technical high school teacher in 2007, Faculty of Technical Training in Department of Print Works Education and a minor in Print Work Training. Since graduating from university, she has expanded her skill-set and broadened her horizons. Selma has worked to very various jobs until she obtained experience.

Selma studied Certificate IV in Design and Diploma of Graphic Design at Martin College to fortify her professional skills. She was the most diligent student during her education. Selma graduated from Martin College as DUX of Brisbane Campus. Also, she got two Academic Excellence Awards and an Endeavour award. She has won some awards several times, which have been about ability and success of education.

During her education, she had so many experience about business world and teaching. Selma did a summer internship at a very famous established newspaper which is Cumhuriyet Newspaper and also at a big package factory which is the Package Factory of Cam-Is is an established factory too. While she was going to university and working as an inter, who gained skills about package design, which was been her origin. While studying at Martin College, Selma was excepted as an intern by Study Group, which is parent company of Martin College. All team members appreciated her and she got positive feedbacks.

She also studied Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication to empower her marketing side that marketing and communication are crucial fory every business.

So you would like to get in touch? We are so excited to hear from you!Whether you are ready to get started now, or you have some questions first, please feel free to get in touch and we can have a chat. Just complete the contact form below, give us a call on +61 450 508 282, or send an email at selma[at]



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